The Instagram Basic Display API, which powers version 2.0 of TZ Plus Gallery, uses access tokens that are only valid 60 days.

This means that you will need a server-side component to keep your access token valid in order for TZ Plus Gallery to work correctly.

There are currently 2 available options for keeping access tokens valid:

  • Instagram Token Agent
  • is a website that generates & refreshes Instagram access tokens. It is provided for free by Coding Badger, and is easy to integrate with Instafeed.js.


  • Free to use
  • No setup required, just sign in with your Instagram account.


  • Closed-source
  • Owned & operated by 3rd party (Coding Badger)

Instagram Token Agent

Instagram Token Agent is an open-source Ruby-on-Rails application written by Ben Hull, and available on GitHub. It can be quickly deployed to Heroku, or any other Rails-compatible hosting mechanism.


  • Open-source
  • Fully controllable by you


  • Requires some setup (e.g. creating Facebook API keys, deploying application)
  • Relies on a Sandbox developer account (unless you can get approval from Facebook), which has some limitations.